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About Mike

Mike Benard was the top communications and public affairs executive at Kodak for more than a dozen years.  Prior to Kodak, his experience includes PPG Industries.

At Kodak, he had a front-row seat to technology transformation and its seismic impact on business models (Shift Happens, as in film-to-digital). Based on that experience and after Kodak, he served as a discussion leader at the American Press Institute’s seminar on the transformation of the newspaper industry. In addition, he served as a highly rated speaker for the International Newsmedia Marketing Association; and he has written on the transformation of the news and photo industries driven by the shift to digital and internet technology.

He published a property rights blog dealing with the energy industry. In the course of his battle for property rights (and as former gas leaseholders in Pennsylvania), he and his wife were sued under federal eminent domain law by a $6 billion energy company.

He has published articles and op-eds in a number of publications including The Federalist, ideas magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Democrat and Chronicle (Gannett), PRWeek and others.