Chief Hypocrite Johnson is a free speech champion as long as it is HIS speech

This is the public face of PowerLine blog writer Scott Johnson from his November 14 post “A Reminder To Commenters”:   

  • We welcome civil comments of all stripes. All points of view are welcome.  I simply want to reiterate that I ban commenters who fail to comply with the guidelines set forth in the note to commenters linked above [refers to his June 22 Note to Commenters].”    


Not all PowerLine readers agree.  Several, like this one, are succinct in their disagreement.

Here is the real Scott Johnson from his personal email to me the same day (Nov. 14), after I followed up at his invitation to find out why I had been banned from commenting since I did not violate any of his posted standards.  In addition, Johnson previously gave me his personal email address. 

  • “Dear Mr Benard: You don’t get it. I have no desire for an open exchange of views with you.  I do not desire to be improved by you.  I do not desire to communicate with you on my personal email account.  I do not desire to communicate with you, period.  Looks like I may have banned you because you annoyed me. Scott Johnson”        


Fun Fact:  Note the emotional swing.  Mr. Johnson, Dartmouth grad, was “triggered” by my complimentary close (!!!).  His first two lines including, “I do not desire to be improved by you,” is a reaction to the closing line in my email: “Here is to continuous improvement and an open exchange of views.”  Is this what a conservative elitist looks like?  Old timers would call someone who behaves this way as “half a bubble off plumb.”

What happened to his principle of:  “We welcome civil comments of all stripes.  All points of view are welcome.”  Hypocrisy thy name is  SCOTT  JOHNSON.

P.S. “Continuous improvement” is a standard in Quality Methodology.  In the PowerLine page on Wiki, Johnson claims to be an “executive.”  Executive what?  Apparently his business experience — if he has any — did not acquaint him with Quality Methodology.  Nor did his Dartmouth education.  Too much Montaigne, not enough Quality?

1 thought on “Chief Hypocrite Johnson is a free speech champion as long as it is <em><u>HIS</u></em> speech”

  1. I too was banned by Scott because I “annoyed” him. When I pointed out that I had done nothing in violation of the sites commenting rules, he rescinded the banning. Which didn’t really matter to me.

    As you write, the rules are Scott’s to enforce however he sees fit. And he does so in a hypocritical fashion — which shouldn’t be surprising since so much of theire content is hypocritical at its core.

    There is so much offensive trolling in the comments and nothing happens with all of those trolls because they are part of the right-wing world and in lock step with the PowerLine narrative.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Mirengoff has left the blog again. He and Hayward got in a spat, where Hayward violated the rules of the blog and instead of him getting booted, Mirengoff has disappeared. I’ve lost total interest in the blog. I’m a liberal interested in reading informed, rational views that are contrary to mine. PowerLine left that sphere a long time ago. They are all in on propaganda and furthering the right-wing agenda at any cost, including at the expense of their own integrity.

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