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PowerLine Blob Runs Hit Piece on Tucker Carlson; Says Carlson Exaggerates Risk of Death from Covid Vaccines; PowerLine’s Source: WAPO!!

PowerLine Blob posted what may be its first hit piece on Tucker Carlson.  Unbelievable.  It declared Carlson overstated the risk of death from Covid vaccines.  The author, Paul Mirengoff, went off the rails again, and cited his authoritative source as The Washington Post — yes, the cult of “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”  They should know.

Paul Mirengoff, 72, is one of a trio of Dart Mouth grads who founded PowerLine Blob decades ago. Last year, readers dubbed PowerLine “Conservative In Name Only (CINO).”  The Ivy League founders include John Hinderacker and Chief Hypocrite Scooter Johnson.

Mirengoff’s hit piece on Carlson, posted May 6, is not memorable, nor it is particularly well written. 

No surprise, this time around, nearly 600 PowerLine readers did not miss Mirengoff’s snarky “eccentricity” and began dropping half-ton projectiles on the little Blobber Mirengoff.  Few spoke in defense of Mirengoff.  Here is a selection; note references to “PM” refer to Paul Mirengoff:

In Rusty T’s comment, he begins with a quote from Mirengoff’s post, then goes on to comment:


We may speculate on the motive behind PowerLine’s hit on Tucker Carlson; and I have my own view. 

Mirengoff has racked up a reputation for half-a-bubble-off-plumb declarations.  For example, in 2011, Mirengoff was forced to leave PowerLine after he slandered a Yaqui Indian prayer used at a Tucson memorial service honoring six who were murdered and several more who were injured by a shooter during a gathering for constituents of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  Giffords herself was shot in the head “at point-blank range” and survived.

Mirengoff’s racist, anti-religious comments come from a website that declares “We have zero tolerance for expressions of anti-Semitism and racial animus.” 

In his original snarky 2011 post, Mirengoff wrote: The native American prayer used at the opening ceremony  “apparently was some sort of Yaqui Indian tribal thing, with lots of references to ‘the creator’ but no mention of God. Several of the victims were, as I understand it, quite religious in that quaint Christian kind of way (none, to my knowledge, was a Yaqui). They (and their families) likely would have appreciated a prayer more closely aligned with their religious beliefs.”

  • “Yaqui Indian tribal thing?”
  • “Quaint Christian kind of way?”

What message is Mirengoff sending here?  What other religions would Mirengoff describe as “quaint?” 

Next day, Mirengoff and PowerLine issued an abject apology.  Fifteen days later, Mirengoff left PowerLine with a 4-sentence explanation, noting that his offensive post was deleted.

For now I’ll continue to watch this peculiar PowerLine Blob behavior.  If it recurs, I assure my brothers at PowerLine, I will pursue my disagreement … in a respectful spirit of inquiry and trust,” in the oozing prose of Scooter Johnson to Paul Mirengoff. 


Meanwhile, fans of PowerLine should feel free to share this website link in a comment on PowerLine.  In addition, everyone should feel free to share this link on social media and spread the word.  Readers may contact me with questions (via the CONTACT button in the tool bar.  If you are a PowerLine reader who has been banned by Chief Hypocrite Scott Johnson, please contact me.  I am interested in your story.