PowerLine Chief Hypocrite Scott Johnson Still Pushing Political ‘Conversion’ Therapy; Readers Hand Johnson His Lunch; Expose His Shallow Thinking

In another anti-Trump screed — a thankfully short post  — the Ivy League boy from Fargo is still pedaling his “conversion therapy.”  Citing an article in the Claremont Review of Books titled “Why Trump Lost,” Johnson concludes to no one’s surprise:  If you still have an open mind about the election and are trying to understand the outcome, I invite you to consider Professor Busch’s essay.

Readers have dubbed PowerLine “Conservative In Name Only” (CINO); and it is obvious that Fargo Scotty Johnson has not developed an open mind about the election or much else.  Five years ago this month, Johnson wrote:  “I have previously observed that Donald Trump is not only vulgar in himself, he is the cause of vulgarity in others.

Thank God we now have a classy politician like Joe Biden in the White House, who recently told a construction worker in Michigan, “You’re full of shit.”  No vulgarity allowed — just like Scotty Johnson’s PowerLine Blob

The reader response was smart, educational, and far better than Johnson’s limited capability.  For example, one who identifies himself as Guy Man-Dude, a construction worker, wrote with humility and logic and his comment generated more than 20 positive responses from fellow readers including:

  • “The best thing I’ve read on Powerline and that includes the articles.”
  • “And best comment of the year so far.”


As Guy Man-Dude concludes:  “I voted for Trump, not out of some cultish obsession, which is what I think you believe, but for the same reason I listen to Rush…. FINALLY! Finally someone has the guts to speak the truth.”

It is worth reading in its entirety — here it is:

Other readers went after Johnson.

Unlike the PowerLine Lawyers Club, reader comments are wide ranging, authentic and honest.  Johnson has likely developed carpal tunnel syndrome from patting himself on the back.  This man cannot live without praise and recognition.  This post originated with an article from the Claremont Review of Books.  Note how a reader who identifies himself as Andrew Falcon comments on his experience with Claremont:

We’ll close with one more reader comment, this one from David Docetad, who begins by quoting Johnson from his post:

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