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Wednesday Morning Coming Down — Time for More Change at CINO Website

Oregon has so much more going for it than Antifa and BLM mobs looting and burning Portland.  There is some amazing music in the state; and it is a cappella.  Peter Hollens and his classically trained voice is beatific in such renditions as Shenandoah, Loch Lomond, You Raise Me Up and much more.

If you have 3 minutes, check out this version of Shenandoah which Hollens says is his favorite folk song.  No wonder.  It is staggeringly beautiful and the music video version has more than 3 million views:

Hollens is an entrepreneur, producer, father, and husband, with “two amazing kids and an equally amazing wife (who is a professional singer too) who features in many of my covers and videos.”  Among his sites is FaceBook:

The origin of the song and the meaning of Shenandoah has various interpretations — from a sea chantey sung by French-Canadian voyageurs to a native American (Oneida Iroquois chief John Skenandoa), whose daughter’s hand is sought by a fur trader.

This is part of our continuing commitment to improve the quality of just about everything on PowerLine Blob — identified by readers as Conservative In Name Only (CINO). 

We post this beautiful song, Shenandoah, as a peace offering in lieu of PowerLine’s Paul Mirengoff, who slandered a Yaqui Indian prayer in 2011 used at a Tucson memorial service honoring six who were murdered and several more who were injured by a shooter during a gathering for constituents of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  Giffords herself was shot in the head “at point-blank range” and survived.

Readers should feel free to post a comment on the PowerLine Blob website, objecting to  racism:   After all, this is the same group that declares:  “We have zero tolerance for expressions of anti-Semitism and racial animus.” 

Readers, writers, reporters, commenters should feel free to share this link on social media and spread the word.  Or you can contact me with comments or questions (via the CONTACT button in the tool bar).